Heroku-like Deployment for Fly.io apps

Effortless deployment for every commit & pull request, on your Fly account. Ditch complex YAML files and tricky secrets management. One platform handles it all.

Discover The FlyCD Advantage

Your one-stop solution for any automated deployment needs on fly.io

Git-based Deployments

When you push commits to your GitHub/GitLab repository, we instantly deploy those changes. No YAML. No complex configuration. No hassle.

Preview Apps

Get preview apps for every PR. Preview apps allow you to test your changes before merging them into the main branch.

Preview Database

Get preview database for every preview apps in your project. This is only available for specific databases, e.g. Fly Postgres & Turso.

Rollback Releases

With instant rollback, you can easily revert to a previous release. No more downtime, relax while deploying on Friday.

App Secrets

It's easy to manage secrets between production and preview apps. Your project secrets are managed securely and automatically.

Founder Chat

We're a small team. That means every email is important and you can easily chat with the founder or request new features directly.

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